When a Good Swimmer Leaves Your Team

If you’ve been around swimming for any length of time, then you’ve witnessed the impact of good swimmers leaving a team. It could be because the family moved, or the swimmer went to college, or even that the swimmer quit the sport (worthy of its own post – see Gary Vandermeulen’s recent post here). But this post is about when one of your top swimmers leaves for another team.

This is not all that rare an event: everybody from Olympic Champions and lesser mortals have changed clubs. I even did it myself many years ago. And while there is always a common theme in the reasons, the impact on those around them can be quite varied.

It’s almost universal that swimmers make these types of big changes because they think the move will make them faster. I still remember having complete confidence (in that typically omniscient style that only teenagers have) that it was all onwards and upwards for me. But there are a lot of other emotions as well, including frustration that this move is thought necessary, excitement at the new potential, and concern about fitting in with new teammates, a new coach, and a new environment.

From the coaches point of view, the feelings when a good swimmer leaves is similarly complex. There is definitely some frustration at all the effort that was invested in the swimmer, with the rewards to be reaped by another team. But at the same time, when a swimmer is unhappy and wants to go, it’s usually far too obvious to everyone around them. That attitude can create a negative presence on the team, and sometimes you don’t realize how destructive that is until the swimmer has gone. It’s as if everyone can breathe again. …read more

Source: Rick’s Blog