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Wrestling Trip to Hungary

2014-07-12 20.55.12

I have to apologize for my blogging absence. Our season ended in early July, and I promptly headed off to Hungary to watch my son wrestle in the World University Championships.

For those who are interested, I’ve now posted 4 of 6 posts describing my / our adventures. You can find these as follows:

Part 1 – The Journey to Pecs

Part 2 – The Competition

Part 3 – Post-Competition Time in Pecs

Part 4 – First Day in Budapest

I’ll take a bit of a blogging vacation for the next few weeks. In the meantime I hope everyone is having a fun and productive summer.

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200 Freestyle: Sprint or Distance?

200 FR sprint or distance

If you’re aware of my series on the analyzing how the elite swim the 200s, you’ll know that I’ve collected a lot of data on elite swimmers. So it seemed natural for me to use this data to answer (at least to myself) an age-old question. Is the 200 Freestyle more sprint-oriented or more distance-oriented? We know it has both elements in it, but which one dominates?

The Data

The data set consists of 24 women and 24 men elite swimmers at the time of the 2012 Olympics. I used the fastest 24 200 Freestyle times from the Olympics and the US Olympic Trials. For each selected swimmer, I used the fastest time they swam during the competition, and not just their last swim. As part of this analysis, I collected each of the 50, 100 and 400 metre Personal Bests [PBs]. (In this and all previous analyses, I disregarded all swims during 2008-2009, as the data clearly shows that shiny suits distorted all swimming times.

I’ve also found that it is incredibly interesting and useful to also look at 50 splits when compared to that swimmer’s 50 PB. It makes the data applicable to a much wider range of swimming speeds than raw splits would allow.

So, “Offset” is a split minus that swimmer’s PB for that distance.

Offset 50 = 50 Split minus 50 PB

There were a few swimmers for whom I could not find a 50 or 400 PB, or at least couldn’t find a realistic one. See NOTES at the end of this post for an explanation of how I handled it.

Women’s 200 Freestyle Analysis

The first part of the analysis is fairly straightforward. We start with the idea that sprinters and distance swimmers will swim the 200 Freestyle differently, and then we’ll test that.

We group the 24 swimmers into …read more

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