We have a new home in the web!

As many of you may know, we had problems with our previous hosting company, GoDaddy. After some upgrades to their infrastructure our site was completely broken, and after a week of calling and tracking incident tickets, the problem was not fixed. For that reason we decided to move and we have a new hosting provider and a different web site building tool that is more modern and easy to use, which gives us more flexibility to communicate with our growing audience. We want this web site to be a useful tool for everybody that is involved with the team and we are committed to do our best to achieve our goal.

At the same time, remember that we are not professional web page designers so please indulge us some growing pains as we learn and make mistakes. We would like to know your opinion and suggestions, so we will open comments to be able to get your feedback, and to determine if we can keep the comment functionality enabled.